March 10, 2006

Friday Night Fever

Or is that Saturday Night

So I have no life. I know this. It doesn't bother me. I could have a life. I'm sure I could have called Jenny and lured her out, or called Rick and lured him over. I'm just tired on Friday nights! I work all week! I want to eat and then sleep and possibly blog.

Exciting friend Celeste is having a baby. Maybe this weekend, but if not, then she is being induced on Tuesday. AND...she said I could come up to the hospital. Yay!! I didn't know, because I wasn't sure if she would want people there, but she said she'd let me know where she was and I could come visit her while she's in labor. Maybe seeing her in labor will take my baby fever away. Well, until the baby arrives and is all cute and sweet...that may make it worse! Anyway, be thinking good thoughts on Tuesday for baby Andrew and mama Celeste!!!

SWATboy instant messaged me today. He was suppose to call last night, but didn't. I knew why. He was out with her. He's out with her tonight too. Do I care, maybe (not sure yet). Am I worried, no! He had already told me about "her" from the beginning, but yet kept me from her until last night. Last night she decided to ask if he was seeing anyone else. And because he's honest he told her about me. Well, it seems like she did not like that and couldn't handle it, unlike I, who was like "hey, ok, you have someone!". So Miss. Thang decided to tell him last night, on their 3rd date, that she thinks they should be exclusive. Is she wanting to ruin any chance with him?! On the 3rd date people!!!! She's asking for a full fledge commitment on the 3rd date! That is dating suicide if you ask me. I mean men have enough problems with commitment and I don't think it's going to go over too well to try and get one to commit on the 3rd date!! Plus, it's always a turn off to be needy and she is definitely needy. I mean they're out again tonight. They just went out last I'm thinking that after she found out about me, she made SURE that they had plans for tonight considering it's his last night off. He has Thursday and Friday nights off work. He starts his new week tomorrow night. Oh well...I'm just going to sit back and watch this unfold!! It's not going to be pretty! Men don't like pysco women, they like fun women and I'm just being fun! He was worried that I would be all mad...nope I'm not mad. First off, I would hardly let a guy I don't even really know yet get me upset. Come on!! Secondly, he's a guy...what she's doing is going to hit him in a couple weeks and he's going to be running scared! Away from her, right to me! I'm just going to be the "other girl"...the "fun girl"... and watch some desperate woman ruin yet another relationship she could have had, all because of jealousy. When will women learn that men are like wild have to hold the food out in your hand and let them come to you. If you go after them, they run! But, you also have to know how to get them to your hand too! And asking for a commitment on the 3rd date is NOT the way sista!! Even if I don't end up liking him, this is going to be fun! Am I acting cocky? Cause I don't mean to be! I told him tonight that if he really wants an exclusive relationship with her and if he thinks he likes her that much, I will walk away and I will wish him the best. And I will. I don't want someone who is thinking about someone else all the time. I'm better than that! He said he didn't want that and asked if I would come and sit with him tomorrow night. And of course I will...cause I have to. lol It's all part of my plan. LOL Just kidding!!! Seriously, I would like to get to know him better and so of course I would want to go talk to him face to face. Even if we only end up as friends, that's cool. I'm not in a rush to get married. I mean, I'm almost 33, I've been engaged 3 times...never even came close to the altar! I'm happy single for the most part, although being married certainly would have it's advantages!! (wink wink) lol just kidding! Ok, so I'm not.'s almost 11:00 and no call, so maybe someone IS falling for that commitment thing after all! Wuss!!! lol And you call yourself a cop!

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