March 3, 2006

I Could Have Went All Day Without The Drama!!

At a little after 10 this morning my 3 yo daycare girl decided to push my 19 mo daycare boy into the bricks of my fireplace. He hit his head. Hard. So I rush over (he was 2 ft from me) and scoop him up. Run to the kitchen for ice and look to check for blood...none, whew! Got ice and a towel and got back into the livingroom to sit down and take a better look and WHOA...a HUGE blue mark was popping out on the left side of his forehead, along with a cut line in the middle that was about an inch long.
So to make a long story short, I called his mom, she called the doctor, she called me back, came and picked child up, by then it looked 90% better than it did right after he hit it, plus he was talking and playing and she said "I think he's ok!" Their doctor said he may need to go to the ER and have a cat scan, so I was really freaked out. His mom was real nice and calm about it...I think I was more upset than her! She said they'd probably just go home and I told her if she thought he was ok and if she needed to go back to work that she could bring him back and she said that they would just enjoy their afternoon off and rest. She's 6 months pregnant with twins, so I'm sure she could use the rest. Poor thing! I will call them later tonight and check up on him.

I had another Kirby visitor today... This time it was another company, with no free gifts. BUT, they will clean a whole room for free...not just spots here and there like the last one. Anyway...I'm talking to this guy and I ask him if he is associated with that Ackerman Associates (the ones who gave me my free cleaning wipes and then took them away because I wouldn't let them give me their sales pitch)...he said no, they were from another company and gave me this flyer about them. Well, I asked him if he had heard of the other company and he said yes. I said "Hmmm, could you get me their owners name and number?" and he said "I can call my boss and try..." Well, he did and he got the name and number and gave it to me. Now for me to decide if I want to call and complain. On one hand I do, but on another hand, it's like "who cares!" I think I really need to go get that 'No Soliciting' sign tonight!

Day 3 of tanning...up to 10 minutes. (which is the highest you can go in the stand up bed) My face and chest are red but I'm started to get a little glow on my arms and legs.
I know...I know...wrinkles! lol I got your message 'C'!! I would love to use the sunless tanner but it always leaves streaks and turns things places that shouldn't be inbetween your toes and fingers and on your elbows and ankles. And that is just not attractive. LOL Any advice or good sunless tanning product names would be much appreciated!

Well, it's the weekend! Yippeee. I'm off work for 2 days and looking forward to it!
I have no big plans because I have no money, lol. We may rent "Walk the Line". Last weekend we went to Michigan for 2 days. I felt sick the whole time and really should have just stayed at home but it was fun. It was my grandpa's 83rd birthday so I'm glad I went. Even if he didn't know we were there. He's got dementia and Alzheimer's. Sad! Very sad! I miss the him I once knew!

Here is your verse for the day:
"This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us – whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of him" 1 John 5:14-15


Christine said...

Neutrogena rocks on sunless tanners. Here's the key: exfoliation! I use a loofah of some sort to rub the rough spots on elbows, knees and feet. Then I get one of those body scrubs for everywhere else (especially those spots that you've had streaks before). Not only does that help with the tanner, but it makes your skin look soo much younger! (I even do a gentle scrub on my face - amazing!)

Then you put it on in long even strokes, and even once it is rubbed in, you rub it just a few more times. I'm using Neutrogena build-a-tan right now. I put it on once after a shower. Then again a few hours later. If I'm wearing something the next day that would look better with some more color, I put on some more right when I get up.

I've discovered that I'm a three layer girl. About once a week I do the loofah scrub. I always get compliments on my "makeup" after I do that ... which is funny because I don't wear makeup really! Just some sunless tanner, eyeliner and mascara! ha!

You might just try a little right now while you're tanning. You won't have to tan as much. It also helps to cover up any spotting or inconsistencies in your skin.

I have a dear friend that tanned throughout her 20's and 30's. Granted, she has never had skin cancer, but now there's not a surgery in the world that can help what she has done to her skin. She's just 40, and she looks like a 70 year old that has smoked her whole life!

Which explains why I went off on the sunless tanners! I just hate to see that happen to people.

Christine said...

OH, and that is so awesome that the mom didn't freak out over the head bump!! You never know what they'll do.

I had a birthday party for my daughter one time. A younger sibling came with one of her friends. I was really clear to the mother as to which rooms were babyproofed, and which would be dangerous (even offered to put up baby gates).

She took her little one into the non-baby proofed area. He pulled a basketball goal down on top of him (with her watching, mind you). He got a cut and was bleeding. She totally freaked out, and implied through her tone of voice that it was my fault.