March 21, 2006

Almost a Heart Attack, but Not Quite

So last night I went shopping... didn't leave until about 8:00. I didn't think I needed to go out but then remember that today is my dad's birthday and I didn't even have a card let alone the gift. So we went, shopped fast and came home. We were suppose to get snow dumped on us overnight and we did...ugh! so, I was thinking that perhaps I would have a lovely Tuesday morning to sleep in. My one daycare mom is a teacher and I was hopin and wishin that her school would at least have a 2 hour delay and my other morning daycare child was sick yesterday and had to go to the doctor. Of course the mom told me she'd call and let me know what happened, but she must have been busy cause when we got home at 9:30 last night, there was no message for me telling me if he was coming or not. Grrr. So, anyway, on to my dream of sleeping in...I thought if the one school was on a 2 hour delay and the sick kiddo didn't come, I wouldn't have to get up until 9:00. Ya, I should know by now that my hopes and dreams rarely come true. The school HAD school (even though all the rest in surrounding counties are closed) and didn't even get a about hard core superintendents!!! And my sick kid is here and YES, he's still sick. He came in coughing his little head off. I had to ask mom about the doctor's appointment as she never volunteers any helpful information to me about her child. She just said they said it wasn't in his chest. Well, it's somewhere cause he's coughing up a lung. And these parents will not let him have OTC meds. WELL, at least not here. I wonder if they drug him up at home for themselves but bring him here miserable for me? Who knows?! I have a everstanding gripe with most daycare parents anyway...I could go on...but I won't. I will just say this...don't get mad at me because YOU choose to work and decided to have a child!! You just can't do both. It's not natural...if that were so, we wouldn't be having these working mommy vs. stay at home mommy debates all the time! Mommies are suppose to be at home with their babies. Work after they get in school! And whatever you do...QUIT BLAMING YOUR DAYCARE PROVIDER BECAUSE YOU CAN'T BE WITH YOUR CHILD!! It wasn't my decision...I'm just making money off your poor ones! OK ok... I better be careful, I may end up like Heather over at and lose my job because of my blog. I don't know who reads this thing and I'm not smart enough to get one of those thingys to track who's reading your blog. Can anyone tell me how to do that? I would love you forever....*wink*

OH heart attack...Well, every so often stress takes over my life. Ok, so everyday stress takes over my life, but some days it's worse. Like this morning. Just the issues I had to deal with stressed me out beyond belief. Maybe I need to go back on zoloft? OK, I know I do, but I won't. Ever. Cause I'm finally losing all the 30 pounds I gained while on it. Anyway, I've noticed that when I start to let myself get to a certain point of this stress that I have, I start having major chest pains. Heart attack style. And it scares me. So, this started happening this morning. I had to have a little conversation with myself and God and beg for this not to happen today. Did I mention that we got a ton of snow dumped on us. That could make a trip to the ER a little scary. Plus, I'm sure all the ambulances were busy with all the people who just FORGOT how to drive on snow covered roads. (Even though we were warned over and over again yesterday about this incoming snow! -People still drive like it was totally unexpected.) Anyway, I did manage to get myself calmed down. Without the use of drugs or alcohol...which in this house would mean...without the use of advil (drugs) or nyquil (alcohol).

Anyhoo...not much else it going on around here. Today is my dad's b-day and so we will be having another family dinner together tonight. My mom is off work and has her yummy roast in the slow cooker as I type. Yum!

I am reading an awesome book to/with my kids right now. It's called "The Power of A Praying Kid" by Stormie Omartian. If you know this author, you know she has many books on "Praying", "Prayer" and the power behind it. I have another one of her books that I'm getting ready to start called "The Prayer That Changes Everything". I will start that one after the kids and I finish theirs. Their book is great even for adults. It puts everything at such an easy, understandable level. It's such a great reminder of how important children are to God and how very important children are to the church. I think I'm enjoying it just as much as my kids. Plus, it's teaching them some very valuable lessons on Prayer. It's a great book! I recommend anyone reading it. It's really good!