March 22, 2006

Code Twelve

Code Twelve in cop talk means - "I've left the scene and I'm back in service". So...Mr. Officer Paul, here's your Code Twelve! lol I have left your scene and I am now back in dating service. lol I mean did he really think I was going to wait around while he was trying to figure out if he liked this other girl? Don't think so. I'm not that desperate. Close, but not that close! (yet) So we did the whole email "goodbye" thing. He claims it was just bad timing and he met her first and that we can still stay in touch and maybe it won't work out with them and I'll get my chance. Oh well, I only saw him twice and both times he was on duty... it's not like I spent any real time with him, or even went on a date with him. I don't hate him, and I'm not angry about anything, I just don't feel like I should be his "back-up" plan. So... onward I go. You know it's just hard to find a good man!! A good Christian man!! Men are easy to find... and easy to get... it's just the good ones that are hard to come by! Anyone know any good single men in Indy?? *wink*

I'm off to make lunch for the kiddos and then it's nap time (for them - homeschooling time for me and my kids). This day is going fast. Yippee!

So, that's my news for Wednesday. I know you all envy my life and I don't blame you! It's fab U lous being me, darlings!!