March 31, 2006

Insert Tracking Device

I have anxiety issues and I'll be the first to admit it...part of those issues include me not being able to handle being told what to do or constantly "kept an eye on". Hello...I am 33 yrs old, I have been on my own pretty much my whole adult life and I've done what I've wanted, when I've wanted! And even though I've been in serious relationships during some of this time, I was never implanted with a tracking chip! (Or at least made to feel like I was.)

There is a guy that I have known for about 5 yrs. This guy is the most giving person I have ever met. And this guy makes some good money. AND...this guy would probably marry me today if I asked him. And my kids like this guy...which is a MUST with anyone. (But, that could be because he buys them everything under the sun.) OK anyway... I have tried once again to "start" something with this man. We are suppose to go out tonight. I don't want to. I will probably cancel. I just can't handle it. He called last night and this is how our conversation went:

Him: hey, whatcha doing?
Me: dishes.
Him: oh really, why?
Me: cause they need to be done.
Him: OH, what having you been doing?
Me: just got done with dinner.
Him: did you go anywhere today?
Me: Umm no...( know I work from 7:30-5:00 from home, with kids, and can't get out and go anywhere)
Him: OH, you didn't? You didn't go anywhere?
Me: (a little annoyed now) No, I had kids all day.
Him: oh I thought maybe you got out.
Me: nope.
Him: are you going anywhere?
Me: nope.
Him: so what did you do today?
Me: worked.
Him: so are we still on for tomorrow night?
Me: ya, i guess?
Him: so what are you going to do tonight?
Me: (it's about 8:15 on a Thursday I'm headed out for a big party -duh) Umm, I'm finishing up the dishes, then I'll go upstairs and watch CSI and then go to bed.
[I'm clearly annoyed at this point and I'm pretty sure he can tell]
Him: oh. well, do you want me to let you go so you can get ready to watch your show?
Me: ya, i guess.
Him: ok, I'll talk to you later.
Me: ok bye.
Him: bye.

And no... before you open your mouth... it's just not him being "interested" in my day or evening. Everytime I answer one of his MANY MANY questions, he replies with this "oh..." in this "uh are such a liar" tone. And the questions go on and on. There is just something that is not right there. I can't place my finger on it, but it's this strong vibe and annoyance that I get when this happens that make me say to myself "NO! Not the man for you! Move on! Let this one go!"

There are a couple other odd things that have happened, including a time when he had left a pool on my driveway for my kids while we were gone - for some random reason, (we weren't even talking during this time) and I was seeing someone else at the time...well, a few days later, he called and left a message on my voice mail that I better keep my "boyfriend" out of the pool that he bought my kids. Well, he wasn't a "boyfriend" but just someone I was sort of "seeing" (if you'd call it that) and he had never been in the pool. And then there was the time this same guy who I was "seeing", left my house one night and was followed by some guy who was sitting at the end of my street. The guy was in a truck and followed him until he got on the express way. Now I have no proof it was him, but it sure is a coincident.

OK....I'm not cool with that! Not at all! As a matter of fact, it really ticks me off! I sit here and wonder at times if my phone is tapped (because there are constant issues with the phone jack in my bedroom) or if my email is being hacked into. Not because I think I'm some hot chic that everyone WANTS!! lol I just feel like I'm constantly being watched when I start talking to him. There's just something odd there, and I've never felt it with anyone else. It's just weird. And the questions over and over again really get on my last nerve! Also, he'll ask these really off the wall questions about things that are very personal. Questions that I'm just not comfortable answering. He always tries to make a time line of the guys I have gone out with and when...and then he asks what I did with them. (as in physical) I think it's odd. I don't care about any of the women he's gone out with, and I sure don't want to know about what he did with them. yuck! It's just annoying and it puts my anxiety in overdrive. Maybe it's PMS...maybe it's intuition.


Christine said...

Just my outside view, but I would have to say ....


Happy Mom Tonja said...

Thanks Christine!!
It's nice to know I'm not over- reacting!! lol

Jenn said...

Huge Red Flags Hello!! I forgot aobut the things that happened over the summer, red flags!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Happy Mom Tonja said...

Yes Jenn, pretty crazy!