March 17, 2006

33 Years And Still Kickin'

So happy birthday to myself. lol I am now 33 yrs old. Geez, when I look back at when I was a little girl, I sure thought my life would have been a little different at this age. Of course back then things were so much easier and so simple. You get married, you have a girl, then a boy, and you sing in the church choir on Sunday mornings. Easy Cheesy. Well, I have 2 boys, I've never been married and our church doesn't have a
choir. We have a Praise Band. And I can't play an instrument or sing... But...hey, I'm not complaining! My life is good! Better than I deserve I'm sure! 33, I still have NOTHING to complain about! My body is holding up gray huge wrinkles...I'm not overweight (although I could stand to get in shape - but Jenny and I are working on that!)...I still like most of the music my kids like...and I can still work it on the dance floor (or if not, I'll find out tonight - ok, this may be embarrassing!! - maybe we'll go to the movies instead!). My love life is non existent...but I have lots of love in other ways! Probably a truer love anyway!! Men stink! I won't bore you with the details. But seriously...SO over internet dating!! So's a great day...I'm 33 and proud! My kids are awesome...this morning I had homemade cards, balloons and big birthday banner waiting for me downstairs. What great kids!!

So let's figure it out here:
Dinner with the family at Applebees..... $62.54
One of my presents - New spring capris..... $19.96
Candles for the cake..... $.97
Getting carded tonight (will be)..... Priceless