March 11, 2006

I'm a Wild Girl!

I didn't go to bed until 3 this morning. Do you know the last time I went to bed that late? Ya me either. It was probably a time when one of my kids were up sick. I am not a night person. I like to be in bed at 9 on a good night...10 on a party night. lol I'm not a morning person either, however I have noticed that if given the choice I'd rather be up earlier than go to bed later. I feel better when I get up early. Ok, so that doesn't mean I won't find my way back to my bed during the day on the weekends, but that's just me. I have taken lessons from 'Shanna Barker', although I could never be the "Sleep Queen" that she is! She rules in that area!

I started to clean my room today. And then I got depressed and frustrated. So I got into bed. I layed there for a moment and decided I WAS going to get up and clean and jumped back out. I got some stuff together. I still have my Christmas presents from our family Christmas in Michigan, in a bag sitting in my closet. I think the only things that had been taken out of that bag were some Bath n Body lotions. Hey, just the fact that I still don't have my Christmas tree up is a miracle. Thank goodness I run my business out of my home!! I can only imagine what the downstairs would look like if I didn't have people coming in and out every day!

I skipped tanning today. Which was stupid because now I won't be able to go until Monday. It was also stupid because in the midst of the mess that was on top of my dresser, I found some tanning lotion that worked awesome last summer and I probably could have used it today and looked about twice as dark as I do now. This is good stuff. Rick gave it to me last year and it's got a bronzer in it that makes you tan real fast. I can only imagine how much darker I would look now, if I would have used this from the beginning. But oh well.

Speaking of Rick...let me tell you about him...I have known Rick for 5 years (maybe a little more or less-I can't remember when we met exactly, but he has it written down somewhere). Rick is nice guy! Very nice guy! One of those guys that girls like me can't stand because they are everything most women would want in a man... but girls like me don't think they deserve that I guess? I don't know what the deal is. You know "us girls" who only like bad boys who will treat us like dirt. Well, thank goodness since I've had kids, that's been something I've given up, but still...the whole "nice guy" thing is hard to accept. This guy is one of those guys who is all about paying tons of attention to his girlfriend. Wants to take you out all the time. Surprises you with shopping trips. Orders things online and has them shipped to your door. Leaves a go cart for your kids on your driveway while you're gone. When he gives you flowers, it's 25 dozen roses at a time. Ok, before you all tell me I need to get a CAT scan. I already know this!! I don't know what's wrong with me. I think I'm scared he's too good to be true and one day I will find out this horrible haunting secret about him and I'll be crushed. I don't know. What I do know is that he had me laughing so much last night on the phone that my stomach muscles are hurting today. I also realized that I love to hear him laugh. It was just a nice fun phone call. It was a needed phone call.

As far as SWATboy...Well, he didn't call, which gave me plenty of time to think about this issues at hand. I think I'm letting this one go. As fun as it would be to hold on and watch this other girl drive him away, I really don't have the time and I honestly don't think he'll end up being worth the effort. I don't like wimpy guys. And I don't mean in the physical sense...I mean in the emotional department! If this guy is letting some chic talk him into ending all communication with anyone of the opposite sex other than his mother on the 3rd date, maybe I wouldn't want to be with someone like that!! I want someone who can stick up for what he wants and isn't persuaded easily. I mean, I would want my boyfriend/husband to be able stick up to another woman who was trying to take him away from me! I would want him to say "NO! I am with her, I love her and I don't have any interest in you!". But not because I told him to say that!! There are tons of trampy women out there, most of which seem to only be interested in already taken/married men. Why? I have no clue...but still they are out there!

So anyway, I got an email last seems he stayed out with her until about midnight then didn't want to call since it was so late. He didn't say much. I emailed him back, (hence the not going to sleep until 3am) and pretty much told him what I thought of him and of her. I called her "needy" and said how unfair it was that she was trying to keep him from talking to me, when I wasn't doing that to her. I'm sure she came out looking bad in my email and I apologized to him for that, but hello... Miss. Pushy Pants...give the guy a chance! Let him make up his own mind without all the force. Maybe he's a guy that likes to be told what to do? If so, I sure don't want him! Anyway, he IMed me today. Asked if I wanted to come out and ride with him for a couple hours tonight and said he wasn't "committed" yet. But he did say "she REALLY likes me". Ya, I bet she does!! And that's fine! If you know that you really like someone after only 3 dates and you feel you need to push commitment, then you go for it hon!! I'm just too old for this game playing! So, I'm not sure what I'll do tonight. Part of me wants to go see him, just to tell him what I think is going on and see his reaction face to face, but part of me wants to just tell him to go be with her and end it.

I don't know what to do. I could aways go out with Rick. We could take the kids to a movie, or go out to eat, or he could just come over and hang out. ???

Ok, I need help here. Delurkers...delurk yourselves and leave a comment. Tell me what you would do! What I should do! Karin if you're out's your chance!