March 19, 2006

Things You Will Always Find In My House

I just realized as I got some shredded cheese out for my kids' salad that there are odd things that you will always find in my home. Things that really aren't needed, and yet you could come to my door 2 months from now and I guarantee we will probably have these items on hand. Here are some items we always have: (just in case you're a neighbor and need one or more of these items at 3am)

(As stated above) Shredded Cheese...we always have cheddar and colby jack shredded cheese. Always! Why? Don't know...but we have it. I wouldn't consider that a staple food like milk, bread and eggs...and it's not like cheese can't make a sandwich out of shredded cheese, you really can't do much with it other than sprinkle it on top of stuff.

Diaper Wipes... ok, I guess that's understandable since I have the daycare and everything, but kids are 9 and 12.

Contact Paper...I blame my mom for this, but the boys are now addicted to "laminating" everything.

Overdue Library Books...thank goodness our library charges only 5 cents a day!

Candy...meaning leftover candy from the previous holiday or the past 2 or 3 previous holidays...Yep, I think somewhere we still have some Halloween candy hiding. I know we have little packs of leftover Halloween Teddy Grahams, cause I just gave some to my friend's daughter last week when they were visiting. Oh well, she ate them... and as far as I know, she's still around. lol

Green and Black Olives...again, my mother's doing...if we ever have a big dinner, (or just a little family dinner) you will always see 2 little bowls of olives on the table. And no, we're not lushes who love olives with our evening martinis.

(Side story....growing up as a preacher's kid, I was never around alcohol... but as you know, kids learn about things fast. Well, whenever we'd have people over for a big dinner my mom would always make sure we had olives...when I was about 9, I became fascinated by martinis for some reason. I always wanted to taste one and always wished my parents made them for guests...(I blame this on my dad's James Bond addiction) Anyway...after these big dinners with guests, we would usually always have the green olives left over. So a couple days later I would get the olives out, get some Sprite or 7-up, one of my mom's best wine glasses, some toothpicks and head up to my room for a "Martini PAR TAY"!! I loved dunking my olives in Sprite and then sliding them off the toothpick with my mouth...I felt so grown grown up that I would also have to have a cut in half straw along with it. NO....not to drink it with silly...the straws where my cigarettes. lol)

Note: Just to let you know...
Still to this day I have never tasted a martini...I don't even drink. And, I also don't smoke. So, let that be a lesson to all you Christian parents who catch your children pretending they're doing bad things...don't make a fuss over it...just keep bringing them up right...they won't stray from what they're taught. Besides, wouldn't you rather them try smoking at home with straws and drinking 7-up martinis!! :o)