March 23, 2006

My "To Do" List for Thursday

I have to make this public so I can hold myself accountable. There are some important things I really need to make myself do, but after the start of this week, I've sort of become lazy know that, "I have no energy, I hate everything, I want to crawl in bed and live there" feeling...ya, it's back and I know what it's the big "D" word. I'll be ok. As soon as better weather hits, I'll be alright! No zoloft or prozac necessary! Maybe some St. John's Wort but I can't swallow pills! So...I need to make the things I HAVE to do public so a few of you can keep on my back. In a loving way of course... Nagging never works! (I agree with men on that one!) here is my list, starting with the most important to the least important:

- Call Tyler's doctor's office.
(I would explain, but he reads my blog)

- Get my grant application sent out so that I can get into classes asap!
(this should have been done last month - I'm sure I've missed spring classes now)

- Put another child care ad in the paper.

- Pay my phone bill.

- Email a good friend that I haven't talked to in forever.
(he called and wished me a happy b-day and gave me his email addy to keep in touch.)

- Go tanning!
(cause I've already spent my gift certificates, so why lose my tan now.)

One thing I did not drag my feet on was signing up and paying for Taylor to play baseball again this year! Yay!! I can't wait!! I hope he gets on a good team again. They were league champs last year. It was so much fun! This will be his 5th year playing for the Optimist Club. He's at the age where I had to decide if I still wanted him in coach pitch or move him on to kid pitch. Well, he was really nervous about kid pitch, so I kept him where he's been in coach pitch. I hope some of the same kids will still be around. Yippee...I get to be a baseball mom IS good!!

Ok, it's 5:10pm, I'm done with work and this is what I have accomplished so far:
I called Tyler's doctor...the "issue" is really not an issue and nothing
to worry about.
I went tanning...and I'm darker. yay
I emailed my friend Eric.
So, 3 outta 6 things got done...not bad for a Thursday.