March 25, 2006

2008 Is ON

So I'm bored and I've been searching out things online today that normally I could really care less about. Not that I don't think the 2008 election is something to not care about, it is! I just wouldn't normally start doing "research" so early... I mean we do have 19 months to go! But, what else do I have to do on a boring Saturday. I already sat through the whole first and half of the second season of our "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica" dvds today. Just listening to Jessica and all her intellect, puts me in the mood to find things out about our Presidential hopefuls and the direction of our fine country. She'll do that to ya!

One thing I found out today is that I'm not as big of a "Bush" supporter as I once was. And NO , I have not been shaving myself in secret areas... I mean Bush... as in George Dubya. I think Christians need to stop being fooled into voting for and supporting everyone who is Republican. Republican doesn't automatically mean Christian. Just because a Republican President doesn't believe in abortion (or claims he doesn't... let's consider his "party all the time" daughters, you really think if either of them were to get themself knocked up that Grandma Babs wouldn't happily drive them down to the clinic? PULEEZE!!) So ok all you strict conservatives, how about this... President Bush is against abortion, but yet in 2002 he signed the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act (BPCA), offering pharmaceutical companies six-month exclusivity in exchange for running clinical drug trials on children. This will of course increase the number of children used as human test subjects (
Hammer Breslow). Do you know what human testing is? If not, you need to find out! Here is a link:
And to do this on children is in my opinion, just as sinful as an abortion. There is no value on life , in the womb or outside of it years later. I'm not even getting into Iraq.

So anyway, I have decided I am NOT a Bush supporter. Dear Dad... if you're reading this... take some aspirin and call 911, you're having a heart attack. And please, don't let them take you to the "close" hospital, demand that they take you to the "heart" hospital... I will be there shortly with balloons and a plant!

Let's take a look at some of our 2008 hopefuls shall we...

On the Republican side we have:
-Bush... No not George, Jeb. (Just as bad though!)
-Elizabeth Dole... Ok, weren't we over them when her husband lost in 2000?
-Rudy Giuliani ... All I think about when I think of him, is SNL and all his appearances on there. Can we really take him seriously?
-John McCain... Not bad, has crossover appeal, but at time of election will be 72. Who will his VP be? (just in case...)
-Colin Powell ... Had enough of him!
-Condoleezza Rice ... Interesting... could possibly get my vote. I like her!!
-Arnold Schwarzenegger ... as far as our Constitution, this would not be allowed since he was not born in the U.S., but do we really go by that old thing anymore?! Anyway... let's hope this is just wishful thinking on his part. (or his wife's part) What a nightmare! Oh well, look where Ronald Regan started.
-I'm not even adding Dick Cheney... I think the health issues are a big strike against him. Or should be. (Not to be mean, just saying...)

On the Democrat side we have:
-The OBVIOUS... Hillary Clinton. Call me crazy, but I may just think about this one.
Any woman who can hold her composer with such grace during her husband's very public affair, deserves some respect! You have to admit it!! Plus, she is a "Go-getter"!
-Evan Bayh... Very popular Senator from my very own state... but I can't see it. Not enough money there.
-Al Gore... Monica, get ready for action. I can only see another "White House interm romp" with this guy. I mean, he had to have taken some notes!
-John Kerry... Ya, no thanks!
-Rev. Al Sharpton... Don't even want to think about it! Seriously!! Don't even want to think about it!

Of course there are more "possibilities" on both sides, but those are a few to wet your political whistle. Personally, I would love to see Clinton vs. Rice. But that's just me.

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Rob said...

Don't count out Sen Bayh so quickly...

In 2005, Bayh raised the 2nd most amount of money of any of the Democratic Candidates. ABCNews recently ranked his staff/fundraisers as the 2nd best. Of course both of those, he's second to Hillary.