March 15, 2006


Take a look at this sweet ride and just picture it cherry red!! Grrroowwlllll!!! LOL
Thanks Christine Welcome To My Brain for tagging me!! You were my first! lol
I've never been tagged before but now that I have...I LIKE it!! hee hee
Anyway...what is this all about, you ask? get in our "game" need to blog a pic of your very first car.
Technically this wasn't MY first car, it was the first car my parents let me drive. My first car that was MY car was this... A Ford EXP...Only black. Hey, I thought it was cute at the time... it looked like a little tiny Mustang. Or at least I thought so. Oh the memories!

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Pea Pod said...

Oh, do I remember the big red boat and the black EXP...with now backseat!!! Ah yes, the memories!!