March 24, 2006

At 7:45 This Morning...

I was feeding bread to our ducks. And this pic, could be a real pic of the two I was feeding! We have a male and female that were around last year and I think they're back. So my thinking is, it has to be spring! Although when our neighborhood friends, "Mr. and Mrs. Duck" first made their apperance this year, it was last Sunday. The kids and I had gone to Wendy's to get dinner and when we drove in the drive way, there they were. So of course we had to share some fries. Well, then we got snow dumped on us Tuesday. Hopefully the fact that they're back is a good sign! I really want some nice weather!

So, what are your plans for the day? I only have 2 daycare kiddos today and one is leaving at 11:30, so I will probably take the other one along with my kids and go out for lunch, just to get out of the house. Other than that, I'll just be hanging out here and doing laundry. Maybe I can get most of it done and won't have to bother with it over the weekend. That would be nice! But...with two boys, there's always laundry. Not to mention one sweet little puppy (who will remain nameless) who likes to get in the mud everytime SHE goes outside. ugh! I am so sick of giving her a bath. OH! and our dryer is still broke...or clogged up with lint... or something. So, we either put one load in the dryer and have to run it about 6 times, or we have wet clothes hanging in every doorway and shower of the house. And then of course you have that wonderful hang dry crunchy feeling that the clothes take on when you air dry them. But, such is life I guess, I'm sure not going to could be so much worse!

Have a great weekend!