March 27, 2006

The Gate Is Locked

It's Monday...let the Dora games begin...this is what we are watching right now and there seems to be some upset because the gate is locked and Boots has to get past some crabs. I swear, I don't know how my little 3 yr old daycare girl can stand the excitement. I'm all jittery just thinking about it. Thank goodness for BackPack!!'s Monday. Again. How does this day of the week creep up on me so fast? I think everyone should work really hard Tuesday through Thursday and have Friday through Monday off! If I were President, I would pass that law! I mean seriously, wouldn't you rather work 3 really long hard days and have 4 off? I sure would!! Of course some people would still have to work on the weekends...the mall still needs to be open, and of course restaurants, movies, we'd still have to have church, etc...but for us Monday through Friday workers, I think the job could get done in 3 days! Are ya with me??

So, did I ever tell you I was "engaged" briefly about two years ago? Ya, I was. Kind of. Sort of. Ok, maybe not really...but I had the ring. I didn't actually get proposed to, but my bf at the time did give me a very nice ring as a leading in to him proposing thing! It was nice. And when I say nice, I mean rows and rows of rocks! The shiny kind! The "girl's best friend" kind! So, I have been missing that ring lately. (I gave it back when we broke up, like a good girl should...OK, so he had to ask for it and threaten legal action...I still gave it back though...eventually). So I ended up calling him last night. Not really with intentions of mentioning the ring, but it did come up in conversation. I just blurted out "How is my ring doing?" lol He was like "Oh, the ring huh...". I said I missed it. He told me to think about it, and if I wanted it back to let him know. Meaning, that I could have the ring back but we would have to get back together.

So, I'm thinking about it....

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You Have Been Taged...
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