October 29, 2006

An Hour Earlier

It's such a honor to be among the other states that participate in Day Light Savings Time. After living here for 10 years I was kind of getting use to not having to set the clocks back each Fall and ahead each Spring... but as of last Spring we joined in. Cause who said Hoosiers can't party with the best of 'em.

I should be getting ready for church right now. We were going to start going back to "our" church (the one that isn't my father's) last week but I was sick. Today I am on the schedule to greet but guess what... my son is sick. Yes, poor Taylor who woke up yesterday morning looking like he had been ran over by a truck, looked at me and said "Mom, I'm not doing so well today." Umm ya, I guess not. So needless to say I had to make a quick dash to CVS because although we had meds for colds and for fevers, we did not have meds for "colds AND fevers". He pretty much laid around the house all day. And of course because I'm such a MOM, my date night got delayed. We still went out, but only to Kohls- because by golly my kid wasn't on his death bed or anything!! There's always time for shopping!! And shopping we did do! We were only gone for a couple hours and Taylor called about a zillion times so really it was like I was there by his side the whole time. He only had one request and that was that we bring him back some gummy worms. Such an easy to please child! I took his temp before he went to bed and it was at 102. So ya, I think we should stay away from church today.

So... if for some reason aliens mess with my brain and I decide that marriage would be a good thing... I found a house, and it's one of God's. It's in a small town about 20 minutes from me and it's an old church. They only want $92,500 and it's about 7,000 sq feet. It's super cute! It's an old white country church with a steeple and stained glass windows. Wouldn't that be neat to make into a house? I think so. They have a place added on to the back with what looks like classrooms and I thought it would be a perfect place to have a daycare or a preschool. Of course if I ever get married, I won't be working. That is one of my stipulations. lol

Speaking of daycare... I guess I have two new kids starting on Monday? They were suppose to come over for an interview yesterday but the mom called and said the father wasn't home from work yet and that he wanted to come too, so she thought they would just forget the interview and she would just tell her boss she'd be a little late on Monday morning and just stay for a few minutes longer to talk when she drops them off. OoooKAY. Hmm, odd. Well, I guess because she's never had to have daycare before (family has always watched the kids) I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that she has no idea how to go about finding daycare. On the other hand, this could be scary. I've never met her or her kids so I'm kind of taking them sight unseen, I don't usually do that. Although I guess I could look at it as being in my favor because she'll have to sign my contract before she can leave her kids and she won't really have time to disagree with any of my policies. lol I think I'll call her today and ask if we could at least have a phone interview. Hey, as long as she remembers the check (and it's good), I think we'll be ok. Unless of course her kids scream all day... then we will have issues.

Well, I think my sick child is up, so I better go see if he needs anything. Have a great Sunday!

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Robyn said...

My dream of all dreams is to live in an old church building... no joke! At that price, I'd say go for it... married or not!