October 23, 2006

Just Monday

Nothing big to report. Just Monday. Oh Oh wait... I do have something to report... it snowed today. Yay. Of course it didn't stick and it was just flurries, but still IT. WAS. SNOW. My kids were so excited.

I didn't get to church yesterday like I wanted. I didn't get anywhere yesterday. I woke up with a horrible backache and pretty much stayed in bed all day. I decided that if I woke up today and my back still hurt that I would either go to the doctor or to the chiropractor. Luckily when I woke up today I was all better. (At least for now.) I really need to go to the chiropractor. Something is really wrong with my right shoulder. I blame that on lifting kids all day. I guess I'll just wait until I absolutely can not stand the pain... that's how I am.

Well, that's about it for today... the kids decided tonight is game night so I better go get ready to play 'The Game of Life - The SpongeBob' edition. lol Fun! Fun!