October 6, 2006

Who's Got The WHAT?

I almost made a huge fool of myself in Walmart last night (well, ok, maybe I did, but just a little and it was for a good cause!).

After a hard day of child care AND teaching 4th graders, I ventured out with my mom and children to do some grocery shopping at Aldi's. After that, we then decided to hit Wally world real fast, just to pick up a few things we couldn't get at Aldi's. Well, the second I walked in I noticed a guy with a tee shirt that had a saying on it. I always like to read tee shirts so I glanced over and I ABOUT BLEW A GASKET! This jerk offs shirt said, and I quote:

"I've got the dick, therefore I make the rules!"

WHAT??!! Oh. My. Gosh. I don't think so, ya freak! I looked straight at him and said "NOT IN MY HOUSE BUDDY!!!" Grrrrrrrrr I was so livid that someone would even wear anything like that!

He then proceeded to get on one of the riding shopping carts. Ya, I can only imagine if I were to have said something about that... I probably would have been told "Ya, it's so big I can't walk around with it.", so I decided not to even mention that. Instead I blurted out statements such as:
"Only someone with a SMALL dick would wear a shirt like that!" and "I'd like to scratch your eyes out!"

Of course my mom and oldest son were totally embarrassed but I was totally ticked! I don't care IF I don't know him. If he's going to wear a statement on his shirt that says something so stupid, he should expect to get comments made to him. I can only hope that someone talked their husband or boyfriend in to beating the crap out of him for wearing something like that!

And seriously... we all know that it's the exact opposite in life anyway. I mean if he really wants to make the rules, he needs to think about surgery. And fast!


UR Son, Tyler said...

Yeah, thanx for embarrassing the whole family!!! lol... =U

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is a year ago I worked in a high school and a girl came to school with a tshirt that said "i own the pussy, i make the rules." this in a rural area.