October 21, 2006

Who Is Bored Enough To Do This?

Ok, remember when you were young (or even at someone's house last weekend) and they laughed so hard whatever they were drinking came out of their nose? The best was when someone at your lunch table would do that with milk! Well, that was/is hilarious. THIS, not so hilarious.

OH and just so no one calls DFS on me... we got our pumkins today. Can someone tell me why you go to the cash machine prior to getting the pumpkins and get $40 out because you just know $20 won't be enough. And then you get there and you're still using money you already had plus the money from the ATM? Is there something extra special about pumpkins that I do not know about? Do they have other qualities that I am unaware of?

PS- I know you love my new header!! Go ahead touch it and feel it and kiss it, I won't look. (Thanks Ty!! xoxo)