October 19, 2006

A Boyfriend? For Me???

Hmm... I guess I have a boyfriend. I was talking with Rick last night and he mentioned that he was telling someone about me and that he was talking about how "his girlfriend this..." and "his girlfriend that...".
I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm a little "guylike" when it comes to relationships... I don't like to feel that trapped feeling of commitment and I sure don't need/want someone else telling me what to do. (Not that Rick would, I'm just saying...) Considering I've known Rick for 5 years, I'd say now is the time to either dive in or break it off for good.
Although I have to say that the way he's been helping me out this week while I've been sick is definately earning him some major points. I've just never met anyone as giving as him. He drove over here yesterday afternoon and surprised me with lunch (soup for my cold). He didn't want to bother me, so he just dropped it off , got a quick hug and left. Today he is coming to pick up my dryer and take it to get it fixed. He's such a great guy. What's been wrong with me for the last 5 years??? Oh and did I mention he's a sucker for nice purses... Thanks to him I have a Louis Vuitton, a Dooney and Bourke and just a couple months ago, got my first Coach. Could this be a keeper?

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Anonymous said...

HMMM! Okay seriously, I think you should give this relationship a try, you just never know!!! And look at all the things he has done for you and the boys! He just might be Mr. Right, you will never know unless you go for it!! And from what you have said about him, he seems like a very nice guy, besides did I mention all the things he has done for you and the boys! GO FOR IT!!!