October 1, 2006


Ok, so my mom can not go away for 4 days again. My dad was seriously missing her last night. Or he was tired. I'd say he was 70% tired and 30% missing my mom. He came home and just couldn't figure out what he wanted for dinner so he just went to bed. Poor guy! I fixed him a big bowl of ice cream with lots of chocolate syrup on top and that seemed to make him a little happier. There's your proof, men really never grow up do they? lol (Sorry dad.)

Anyhoo... I SHOULD be in Muncie right now. My dad goes every Sunday morning so I told him last night we would go. My mom and aunt are meeting him there for the day and wanted us to come to so we could all go out to dinner and go to the mall and stuff like that. So last night I asked my dad what time he was leaving and he said at 8:00am. Then he asked if I would drive us there, I said I would. Well, I wasn't planning on getting up at the crack of dawn (remember, I had to babysit until late last night) so I set my alarm for 7:00, hit snooze a couple of times and then got up at 7:30. We always get ready at the house there, so there wasn't a need to jump in the shower here. I figured a half hour was plenty of time to throw some clothes on, put my hair up and get my kids up. We always stop somewhere for breakfast so I didn't have to worry about that either. So I get up and go into the hall and notice my parent's door open... my dad usually leaves it open when he leaves for work so I peek in and don't see him. I go into T1 and T2's bedroom and look out the front window and his car is gone!! I'm thinking "Where the heck did he go this early?!" So I call him and ask where he is and he says he's almost half way to Muncie. I said "Why did you leave us?" and he said "No one was up, so I thought you weren't going". I said "Well, we just got up and had plenty of time." He says "Ok, well, I'll see you there in awhile then." And I said "I'm not driving there by myself." (It's a 45 minute drive and although I've done it millions of times, I hate expressway driving!!) Then he says "Ok, well I guess I'll see ya when I see ya." So, here we are, left to do nothing fun today. I guess I could have gone but I decided to go back to bed instead. My kids were still sleeping so I didn't really want to wake them up anyway. Oh well, guess we weren't suppose to go.

Now I'm off to fix us some lunch. I'm thinking BLTs (love those!) and maybe some fries.