October 20, 2006

Another Boring Weekend Ahead

I'm still not feeling good, still have no voice and still can't wait to be healthy again. I'm not complaing though, I feel so sorry for people who are going through real health issues! What I prayed wouldn't happen, did. My poor father came home early last night from work... with the lovely stomach flu. I thought for sure we were clear of it since my mom had it last weekend, but I guess we could still get it. Especially now that it's been reintroduced to our environment. Happy Happy Joy Joy. I'm still thinking positive and praying we slide right under the radar. We're spraying Lysol everywhere, using hand sanitizer like we have OCD and are running 2 air purifiers. Yep, there's a little war on germs going on in this house.

I think we will be playing it by ear this weekend as far as going out. If I get one little weird feeling in my stomach, I'm not stepping foot out my front door. Tonight we're renting "The Break Up" and staying in. Rick is leaving to help his uncle winterize his trailer down south somewhere. He actually called me up and asked if that would be ok. LOL I had to laugh. Seriously, are you asking if you can leave for the weekend? HECK YA! Trust me, that will never be a problem with me. I am not one of those "can't live a weekend without a man" types. Yes, please go away. lol I think it's good for people to be able to miss each other. Why would you want to be with another person 24/7? I'm with my kids 24/7... that's enough.

We do need to get to the pumpkin patch this weekend though. We may do that tomorrow. My poor neglected kids don't have their pumpkins yet. How awful is that? Are you feeling sorry for them yet? I'm not. And trust me, they're not feeling sorry for themselves. I don't think they really care. I'm sure once Halloween gets closer they'll want them. It's always fun to carve them and roast the seeds. YUM! I can remember the first time I ever had pumpkin seeds, it was when I was in Kindergarten. Our teacher brought her electric skillet in and we all watched as she added the butter and salt and turned them. The smell was wonderful. Then we let them cool and had them later for snack. I thought they were the best thing I had ever eaten. I love fall!

I was laying in bed this morning awake (cause I never sleep anymore) and I was having those thoughts you have when your mind is clear and the house is quiet. I was thinking about how angry I get at some of my daycare parents because they refuse to go by my policies in the handbook and how much easier things would be for all of us if only they did. Then I couldn't help but think about how God must feel the same exact way. He's given us a handbook with his policies and things would go so much more smoothly in all our lives if we would just follow them. I was thinking about how I get so irritated at having to remind these people of the same things over and over and how I feel like I'm babysitting them a lot of time and how they are adults and should act like adults and take some responsibility... yep, I can only imagine how God feels. He must be a loving God, because if I were Him, I would have zapped the world up long ago.

I think we all should thank Him for His patience with us today.