October 17, 2006

Cat Got Your Tongue?

No, but something's got my voice. I'm sure my family is loving it, but I'm not. I sound like an 80 yr old - 3 pack a day - little old lady. Not sexy! (There goes my chances of making some extra Christmas money doing the whole 976 operator thing.) I blame this on my trip to Walmart yesterday. I should have stayed in.

Ahhh yesterday.... wonderful day!! No daycare kids. And today I only have 1. I feel bad though as all of them but 1 are sick, but not too bad considering they all brought it to my mom and I. I am however thankful that my own kids haven't gotten anything. (Yet - knocking on wood.) And my dad... I just PRAY that he doesn't get anything. He's working way too much and way too many hours as it is. And of course he wouldn't take time off if he was sick, he'd still push himself to work. I am really praying that they get some other people hired. This working 7 days straight is not good!

Well, I'm going to go get into my shower. I missed Young and the Restless yesterday so today I HAVE to catch up!! I think for lunch I'm going up to the Chinese place and getting some Hot and Sour soup. It doesn't sound good AT ALL, but people tell me it's great for stuffy heads. I'll try anything at this point.

I just want my voice back.