October 14, 2006

This Sickness Can Leave The Building Now!

Thank goodness for this stuff:

Oh my gosh, I'm so sick. Last night around 7ish I started getting those body aches that you get before you come down with the flu. My legs were hurting so bad. Everything on my body was hurting. Not too long after that my throat started hurting and then came the headache. Yep, it's the flu. I had a horrible night and of course with kids it's not like you can lay in bed all day. I thought I would have my mom to help me today, oh no... she was busy all night throwing up. Ahhh, it's so wonderful when daycare parents bring sick kids into your home and share the germs so freely. So nice... so very nice. I'll tell ya what, if we aren't feeling good enough by Sunday night, I will not feel the least bit bad for closing daycare on Monday. Because if people could keep their sick kids home, we probably wouldn't be going through this. So anyway, I got up and got in the shower and headed out to the store to get my mom some sprite, lime jello and chicken and rice soup. YUCK! But, that's what she wanted and since she IS technically more sick than I, I thought I'd be nice and make the trip out. Plus we have no food in the house and my kids needed lunch. A trip through Subway drive thru fixed that. Now to get through the rest of the day. And if you're reading this Jenny, this should explain why we weren't at your dear daughter's birthday party. I didn't think you'd appreciate the germs we'd be bringing to your house. Hope she had a fun party! We'll have to stop over sometime soon!

Well, now that I've been up for a couple hours, I think I must get back into bed. My temp is gone but I'm still weak and freezing. I need to be under my blankets.

Keep well everyone and WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!