April 4, 2007

At 4:30 This Morning...

I was having a conversation that went a little something like this:

T2: MOM!
Me: (half asleep) Whaaat
T2: I can't sleep, can I sleep in your bed?
Me: Sure, get in.
Me: It's really windy, huh.
T2: Yeah. I'm kind of scared.
Me: (just to see what he would say) Would you feel better if Mr. R was here?
T2: No!, I would feel better if GOD was here.

At around 5:30 am, we had this conversation:

Me: T2, aren't you asleep yet?
T2: Nope, I've been staring at that door for an hour now.
Me: Why hon?
T2: Grandma is up, she's walking around, she went downstairs and she's in her room on her laptop.
Me: Are you sure?
T2: Yes, I'm sure. Who else would it be?!

(We found out this morning she was not walking around or on her laptop at all.)

Then at about 6:00 am:

Me: What are you doing now?
T2: Listening to that wind.
Me: Is it scaring you?
T2: Yes.
Me: Have you tried praying for God to help you to not be scared.
T2: No, I just prayed he'd put his angels around our house.
Me: Well, then I'm sure he did.
T2: I need to get a flashlight.
Me: Why?
T2: I need to check in the backyard to see if the grill got knocked over.
Me: Ok... whatever will help you get back to sleep.
Me: Do you need some Benedryl honey? I'll get go it. It's not a problem.
T2: No, I'm ok.
Me: (in my head) Darn!

About 15 minutes after that:

T2: (kind of angry) Mom! Do you hear that?!
Me: Yes sweetie, it's just some trashcans.
T2: I know!... it's knocking over S********'s trashcans. They're probably rolling around in the road!!
(S******** is our neighbor across the street.)
Me: It's ok.
T2: NO, it's not!!! She doesn't use trash bags. She just throws her trash into the garbage cans. Do you KNOW what kind of mess that's going to make in front of our house!!!!!
Me: It's ok... the trashman will pick it up. Now can we go to sleep?
T2: (sits up in bed) Ohhh YES! Full House is on.

Needless to say it's been a long day. Plus, it's windy and a very cold 30 degrees.
And we were just wearing shorts yesterday! Crazy Indiana weather!