April 11, 2007

It's Wednesday...

Didn't care for AI last night, although JLo seemed like she'd be nice to work with.

I got an appointment to get my taxes done on Friday. I'm having one of my daycare kiddo's grandma do them. I'm sure she'll do a great job as she does a lot of other small businesses.

I did not get an appointment for T2 yet. I got the phone book out yesterday to call the Health Shop to see about the muscle testing and of course I got busy and forgot.

I haven't had a phone for 2 days... I found out yesterday that people had been calling but my phone was not ringing and it also wasn't showing that I had voice mails. We had someone come out this moring and guess what... it's not the phone line... it's the PHONE! Beware of Motorola cordless phones! They stink!

I got a call yesterday from a grandmother who was in dire need of child care, but because my phones weren't working, I missed it. I did however call back today. She wasn't there so I left a message I hope she calls back... very sad story, her son's wife just left him over the weekend and they have 3 small children. What is wrong with these women? It seems like it's the women leaving their families more than the men these days. How horrible for these poor babies! I hope they can come here so we can love 'em to pieces!

I'm keeping up with my tanning schedule. I went today and I'll go again Friday. I've actually got color now and I'm not burning! I'm going nice and slow so I won't burn. Today I only went in the stand up for 6 minutes. It felt nice though... it's so cold and rainy here. Brrr.

Well, time to get the kids up from nap. This day has gone fast!

Happy Hump Day!