April 2, 2007

Weekend Recap

So far, today has been pretty good. I woke up late. I actually woke up at about 5:30 but thought to myself "this is WAY too early for a Monday morning! Go back to bed!" And so I did. I closed my door, turned the fan on and slept very late. Too late to mention. Embarrassingly late. And the sad thing is, I was in bed by 12. I got way too much sleep. I'm dragging my feet today.

Our weekend was interesting. Interesting in the fact that I almost bought a wedding dress. There is a princess-y dress at David's Bridal and they happen to be having a sale right now. Today is the last day of the sale. Mr. R wanted me to get it and just keep it for when I needed it. Ya, well I guess that makes sense considering now it will be about $300 more. But, I need to really think about it more. I'm not in a rush.

We also looked at the property of what I call "The Plantation". It's huge. Mr. R is having his realtor call and find out more about it today. He is very excited at the thought of getting this property. My kids are excited as well. Of course, that would mean that Mr. R and I would be together and married and well, that would be that. No turning back.

Anyway, this property is so awesome and yet so scary! Scary in the fact that no one has lived there in the last 4 or 5 years and it's really got some cleaning up to be done around it, plus it's just all so huge. There is a main house, that looks like an old Kentucky mansion... with the huge pillars, long porch on the second level and, AND the whole winding staircase outside on the side of the porch. It's got white fencing all around the front out by the road and a big circle drive. Then of course there is a guest house which looks bigger than my house. It's 2 stories with a 3 car garage. There's an in the ground pool with a huge pool house, tennis courts with lights and a basketball court. And a cute little white gazebo in the front yard. There are also about 4 or 5 barns and storage buildings. One of the barns looks like it was used for drying tobacco and the big barn looks like it's in great condition. We got out and looked in some of the windows and in the front rooms there is hardwood flooring that looks in good condition. Around the side of the house, there's a huge fireplace that goes along a whole wall. It's nice, that's for sure. It needs a lot of work on the inside and out, you can tell the people who lived there before just let it go. That's a shame too because it's SO nice! They're asking a fair price for it, but since there's so much work that would need to be done, we're going to make a much lower offer. It's definitely a dream house.

Friday night we didn't do much. Tried to rent a movie but got up there too late and all the good ones were already taken. We got chinese for dinner and pretty much just hung out. Mr. R had to work (he works nights) so the kids and I watched tv and went to bed pretty early.

Saturday we did some cleaning and laundry. T2 and my mom are cleaning out a bunch of stuff we just don't use and don't need and we'll be taking it all to Goodwill. It was nice out so we took a bike ride, then we decided we'd take a car ride. Well, since the dogs hadn't been anywhere in awhile, we took them too. We ended up out in the country by a cow farm. I stopped along the side of the road with the intention that my kids would like to see all the cows and new baby calves, but they weren't half as interested as Andy (our yorkie). It was hilarious. He was so excited about those cows. He just looked and looked and would make little whining noises like "Hey mom, let me out!! I want to play!" It was very cute. And yes, I realize we have no lives and that our dog looking at cows seems lame, but it truly was cute! Chloe on the other hand wanted nothing to do with them. She looked up a couple times and would growl but other than that, she was content to lay and sleep in the backseat with the boys.

Saturday night Mr. R had to work again (overtime) so the kids and I basically did the same thing we did Friday night.

Yesterday we had every intention of going to church but got up late. (Well, too late to go my parents church.) I guess we could have went to our church but we haven't been in so long it's going to be hard to get back in the habit. I know we have to though. I think it will be easier if Mr. R starts going with us. I was joking with a friend that we're starting to be those Christmas and Easter church goers. That's horrible! I'm ashamed of myself! But, I do have to say that although we're not in church, my kids and I still have church of our own. We read the bible and make out our prayer list for the week. They know that Sunday is a special day of rest too. T2 wanted to use our new weed eater outside but was concerned that it was "The Lord's Day" and maybe he shouldn't be working. I told him I thought it was probably ok if he wanted to play around with it outside. He got his safety glasses on and that's exactly what he did. He loves to do yard work.

Last night Mr. R came over. He always has to bring a bunch of stuff when he comes. He brought me the earrings and my ring. I took it out of the box and said "Aww, you're back with mama now." I had forgotten how beautiful it was. He also brought me 2 bottles of tanning lotion. Hmm, do you think that's a hint? I am so far behind. I HAVE to make myself go tanning today! He also brought vent covers for all of our vents in the house. He said this year will be horrible for allergies and he knows how T2 and I suffer, so wanted us to have them. (he's so sweet!) He also brought T2 2 extra inhalers. He gets tons of stuff like that from his doctor somehow and just puts it back in case someone he knows needs it. He's very thoughtful! His mama raised him well.

We went and looked at the property, then went and got food. We let T2 pick and he picked Subway. Probably not our first choice, but it was ok. We got there right as they were closing so we had to bring it home. After that we watched Animal Planet for awhile with the kids and then he left. He had brought the Jag with him and I asked him when I was going to get a ride in it and he said "Come on, you can drive it." Now I know why his mom asks to use it all the time, it's nice. I think I could drive that around. Although it's too low. Once you've driven an SUV it's kind of hard to be so low to the ground. I like to be up where I can see stuff.

After he left, I cleaned the downstairs up a little and went to bed. That's our weekend... Nothing too overly exciting, but it was a busy weekend.

Well, I'm off to get a drink and get the kids up. Happy Monday!


Tyler said...

she got up at 10:23, folks! (and no shower) haha, don't you love me mom?

Anonymous said...

that's ok