April 16, 2007

Monday Misc.

Today should be interesting. I got absolutely no sleep last night. Between my mom and T2, I was up most of the night. T2 had his usual asthma issues and my mom was up coughing from her bronchitis. This is about the 5th night in a row that this has happened. I'm wondering if anyone in my household will ever sleep again. Anyway, I don't think I mentioned on here that my mom was so sick on Thursday that I had to call all my daycare parents to come and get their kids early so I could take her to the doctor. She was coughing so badly she could hardly breathe and kept losing her breath. I got her into her doctor's office (which was better than having to take her to the hospital here) and although her own doctor wasn't in, she got another doctor who would see her. This doctor said it was just bronchitis, but I'm not so sure. She's not any better after a week, she's not able to stop coughing and she still has a temp. Oh ya, and we found out yesterday online that bronchitis is contagious. Yay. I think I'm going to make her go back to the doctor today. If for anything, to get a better cough suppressant so she can at least sleep at night. The one they gave her does not work very well. I'd also like her to get a chest x-ray, which is what I wanted to happen on Thursday when I took her in, but they thought she didn't need one. Oh well, who am I? I just hope that T2 doesn't get this. I don't think he could handle it with his asthma the way it is right now. I know I need to get him into the doctor but right now my mom isn't working for me, so I can't leave the daycare to take him. I'm sure we'll figure something out.

I have 2 air purifiers going right now and I sprayed the downstairs real good with Lysol. I don't want my daycare kids getting this because there's no way I could watch them if they did. Too much coughing and none of them know how to cover their mouths yet. It would spread like wildfire and we don't need that. The good thing is 3 of them have been on antibiotics in the last couple of weeks so hopefully their immune systems are up to speed.

We decided yesterday that we're going to go to Disney World in November. This trip has been in the planning process for about 4 years but things just kept coming up. I told my dad we had to go soon because my kids weren't getting any younger. Of course it's Disney World... you're never too old for Disney World, right?! I went when I was 13 and although it was fun, it would have been better if I would have had someone else there my age. I'm not sure if we'll fly or drive, that's up in the air right now. We did decided that we're going to the beach the first day we're there. The kids have never been and it will be relaxing for the first day after traveling. I'll have to ask a friend who lives down there where the closest one is. I think my aunt and uncle and cousins should go with us!! (Hint Hint Aunt Gail!!)

Well, I really need to get some breakfast so I have some energy to make it through the morning. I wish you all (whoever you may be) a happy week!

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Heather said...

Woo hoo, Disney World. I'm planning a trip for next summer. :)