April 25, 2007

These Glutes are Made for Shakin

I only have 2 kiddos here today which is such a nice break considering yesterday was one of the worst days I've had in a long long time. One mom called me this morning to talk about it... she has a 1 yr old and wanted to know how bad he was. LOL I told her it was ALL of them. Today has been wonderful. Nice and calm and quiet. The way daycare should be. Ha! Kidding!

So, while the kids are playing I decided to turn "Ellen" on, to see if they were doing anything "AI", since she's hosting tonight. They gave away tickets but that's about it. Well, they had this chic on there who's video you can see HERE. Ok, I'm going to be nice and not judge, but she made me sick to my stomach. Not because of her "butt movements" but because for someone who does what she does, she looked horribly out of shape! But then again, my kids were just making fun of my arm flab the other night...

Speaking of out of shape people... Did you hear? Did you hear? Rosie is leaving "The View". Oh I can feel the love! I'm so watching it! I can't wait! I can't stand her and I want to make it known that it's not because she's gay... it's because she's just nasty! She can't keep her mouth closed and she's irritating!

BREAKING NEWS: It's on now... it's official, she's leaving, Yippee! Maybe I'll actually watch "The View" sometime next season. In the mean time, until the end of June, I'll be sticking to "The Price is Right". (Seriously, I'm kidding, I never really watch anything other than "Dora" or "Arthur" in the mornings! And at 11:00 I'm usually in the kitchen busy making lunch.)

And, since it's 11:00 now, I best be getting a couple little rugrats their lunch! Have a great day!