April 13, 2007

What More Could I Want

I have awesome kids!

T1 is making me a new template for this here thing. It's SO cool. I just got a sneak peek and it's purdy! Of course since I'm hogging the computer right now, it's making it hard for him to get it done... oh well, you'll see it soon enough.

T2 in all his wisdom had this conversation with me a couple nights ago. I swear this old soul of a child is going to do the Lord's work in a big way! The jist of this conversation started with him stating that I really needed to marry Mr. R. I shared some concerns I had, one being that I wasn't sure he was a Christian. Here's the solution:

T2: Mom, I think you should marry Mr. R, now!

Me: Well, I'm not sure just yet.

T2: Why?

Me: Well, because I want the perfect daddy for you and your brother and I want to make sure that he would be someone who will be able to be the head of our household the way that the Bible says they should. I want to make sure any father I choose for you is a true man of God.

T2: Well mom, it's like the old white house. If we bought it, we'd need to fix it up. Then it would be good. We could marry Mr. R, buy him a Bible, take him to church and it would be ok.

Oh sweet innocent one... if it were only that easy... if it were only that easy!!

Also, how do you explain to a child that when they pray for God's help with something, sometimes you don't get the answer right away or the answer you want? T2 prayed so hard last night that God would help his asthma. It broke my heart because he went to sleep just knowing that he wouldn't have to wake up in the night and use his inhaler. Guess what, he woke up and had to use his inhaler. I haven't addressed this yet today. I'm not sure how.

In 1 hour I will be sitting at H&R Block and I'm scared. Not scared to get my taxes done, but scared at how much it may cost. I've heard from a couple people now that H&R Block is expensive. I'm use to paying less than $150 to get them done and that's by certified CPAs. My dad told me to tell them the forms that I need and get a price when I first walk in. I think I'll do that. There's no way I'm paying $200 or more to get my taxes done there! Well, unless they can get me a huge refund... then I'll think about it!

Update... My tax appointment went great! I'm getting back from both the federal and state! (first time I've ever gotten back from the state!) This wonderful daycare grandma really knew what she was doing. Not that I didn't have faith in her. She did a wonderful job. I walked away very pleased and the price was excellent. I think I'll go back next year.

OH... and don't you just LOVE this new blog look? Thanks again kiddo... you did great!