April 18, 2007

Doctor Doctor

My dad ended up with the afternoon off and took T2 to the doctor for me. Thanks Dad! The doctor said T2 has a lot of inflammation in his lungs so he gave us a prescription for prednisone. I know that's the only thing that will help, but I sure wish he didn't have to take it. He's never had it before so we'll see how he does. I've heard some kids get mean and hyper, I sure hope that doesn't happen with him. He also got a refill on his inhaler (albuterol) and a prescription for Claritin. The doctor said he'd call us when he got us in with an allergist and a pediatric pulmonologist. So... that's that. I'm so happy he got to go and has something now that will hopefully offset the middle of the night flare ups. My aunt is so sweet... she said she'd come up and go to the allergy testing with T2. She just had to go through it and T2 said if he had to do it, he wanted her to go with him. If you don't know, my aunt lives in West Virginia and we live in Indiana... this isn't just a quick trip over and back, but she doesn't care. Aww, how nice is she!

My mom didn't want to go back to the doctor. Oh well, what can ya do? She's a big girl and she can make her own decisions but personally I would have liked for her to go back and get a chest x-ray. Stubborn thing!

Well, I'm off to pick up T2's meds. Have a great night!

PS - Happy 30th Gwen!!! I'm so happy you're in my age group again!!LOL Now you can't tease me about still being in your twenties!! Welcome to the 30's... where things start heading south at rapid speed! Yikes! :o)

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Pea Pod said...

Thanks my bestest friend! Yes, I have joined the club of the old people now huh?! Can't act like a child anymore and lordy it does sound old when you say THIRTY!!