April 27, 2007

My Day (So Far)

2:00 am - Chloe decides she needs to go outside to walk around the yard for 20 minutes trying to find just the right place to do her doggie doo doo. In the mean time, I call Mr. R. He has been trying to get me to go to bed early (like around 7pm) so I could get up at about 2am and he could come over and see me. (He doesn't get off work until 1:30.) He asked me earlier yesterday if I would think about it. I told him there was probably no way I could do that, but I'd think about it. (I'm not good at missing sleep.) Needless to say, he was all excited when he answered the phone, I was like "Sorry dude, you're not coming over, I'm just waiting for the dog to come back in.) Poor guy.

7:30 am - Alarm goes off. Have to get up and get ready to get Chloe to the groomers by 8:30.

8:25 am - Leave house.

8:30 am - Get to groomer to find out she's leaving to run errands, but will just leave Chloe there in a cage. Why 8:30 then? Why not 9:00? I could have had a 1/2 hour longer to get ready and would have changed the drop off time if I would have known that. I almost said I'd just take her back home with me and she could call me when she got back because I didn't want my poor baby staying there all alone. Oh well, she survived.

8:40 am - Run home and get my bank deposit ready.

8:45 am - Head out to my bank to make the deposit.

8:50 am - Head over to another bank to pay my car payment.

9:00 am - T1 and I stop at Higher Grounds for some yummy drinks. We grab something for T2 and head home.

9:15 am - Get back into town and my fuel gage thing-a-majigger goes off. Need gas.

9:20 am - Get gas. ($31.01 only filled my tank up 1/2 way. Whaaa!)

9:30 am - Finally back home. Make breakfast and go upstairs to watch the rest of Golden Girls and a little bit of Ellen.

10:30 - Time to work.

10:35 - Groomer calls, Chloe's done. Get my mom to watch the kids after just getting off work, get Andy up and trade dogs with groomer.

10:50 - Back home.

11:00 - Make kiddos lunch.

11:20 - Sit them down to eat.

11:40 - Everyone is done. Get them up and cleaned up and let them play for awhile.

12: 10 - Groomer calls, Andy's done. Get the daycare kids' diapers changed and lay them all down for nap.

12:20 - Have my mom watch the kids again, go get Andy, pay groomer and come back home.

12:25 - Back home, decide I might as well go tanning now and eat later.

12:35 - In the tanning bed, praying. I've found that I can get some good praying in while I'm alone in the bed. (It's the only time I'm ever really alone.)

12:55 - Back home, make my lunch, sit down and watch the last 1/2 hour of Y&R.

1:35 - Y&R over, time to start the laundry. (I want to get it all done today so I'll have one less thing to do this weekend.)

Now I'm just relaxing and I think I'm done being in my car today! My afternoon will be spent playing with the daycare kids until about 5:30, and then it's officially the weekend... yipeee!

How's your day been?