April 15, 2007

They're Baaaaack.

Old guys in old beat up trucks, like vultures circling the neighborhood and their prey. Their prey being people's trash. It's "HTP" here this week. (Heavy Trash Pick-up.) One man's trash is another man's treasure. I guess.

It's hilarious to watch. I live in a pretty nice neighborhood so we've got these trash pickers all over the place. T2 and I put out our old mattresses first (thank goodness those are still here!!), then we set out our old grill. Within 10 minutes it was gone. Next we put out an old sandbox. 5 minutes later... Gone!

Why do people want other people's trash? If it's in such bad condition that I don't want it, why would they? And what are they doing with all this junk?

Oh well, to each his own. I will admit I did take a brief look around the neighborhood as we were going out today, but I didn't see any flat screen tvs or brand new patio furniture, so I just kept driving. Maybe next time.